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Is it possible for 2 people of different nationality; different race; with language barrier; to fall in love with each other?

Chinese national Guo Qiang came to Singapore to work as an Electrician with an Electrical Company for 2 years bond. Back in Cheng Du, China, Guo Qiang worked as a farmer for his parents but due to poor crop harvest in the last few years, his family was in debt and being the only child, he had no choice but to come to Singapore to work to pay off the debt. Just 2 years and he would have cleared his debt.

Richard Paolo from the Philippines has been working in Singapore for the past 4 years, but Richard knew he was gay so find it hard to mingle with the rest of the colleagues. As his colleague mostly don’t know about his sexuality, they just assume he is a loner. He was mostly on his own during off days and occasionally manage to find local gays for One Night Stand.

Guo Qiang was paired with Richard and their job is to do house call to lay wires for homes so most of the time, they had each other for companionship. As Guo Qiang hardly speak English and Richard don’t speak Mandarin, they mostly relied on body language to communicate. In between outcall assignments, they usually like to drive their company van and parked it on the upper deck of multi-storey carpark. There they usually have a nap after lunch.

While having lunch break, knowing Guo Qiang don’t understand much English, Richard just spoke about his loneliness and sexuality and professed that he is attracted to Guo Qiang. All this while, he thought Guo Qiang don’t understand what he was saying. Surprisingly, Guo Qiang understood him. He just smiled it and gave a peck to Richard forehead. The peck gave Richard a shock momentarily, but Richard soon reciprocate in kind. In the end, they made out in the van.


From that day onwards, they make out in the van almost daily but at different multi-storey car park. Once a passer-by walked by their van and almost saw them action. They quickly dressed up and pretend to be just sitting in the van.

Once they were left to do re-wiring in an old office and the new owner has yet to move in. After work, they decide to shower at the balcony, there they made out in the balcony. It was so romantic.

Then came the day when Guo Qiang’s contract will be expiring soon and needs to return to China. On the last day at work, Guo Qiang said good bye to Richard. Gave him a hug and then got off the van when Richard drop him off. Guo Qiang stood by the road, watch Richard drive off. Richard shed tears when he drove off.





來自菲律賓的Richard Paolo在過去的四年中一直在新加坡工作,但Richard知道自己是同性戀,因此很難與其他同事相處。由於他的同事大多不了解他的性行為,所以他們只是認為他是性格孤僻不愛跟同事交流。休假期間,他偶爾会跟當地的同志来“一夜情”。



從那天起,他們幾乎每天都會在麵包車中发生性愛关系,但會選擇在不同的多層停車場進行他們的歡樂時光。 曾經有一個路過的人走過他們的貨車,險些看到了他們在做愛,还好國强及時發現才立刻停止行動。


兩年很快就要到尾聲了,國強的工作合同即將到期,需要返回中國。 在工作的最後一天,他們倆對於分離這件事裝得很灑脫,Richard造平日一樣送國強回家。下車前國強給了Richard一個擁抱,跟他說要保重,就下車。 國強站在路邊依依不舍的挥手,的看著Richard把車架走的那一幕,实在看不下去。 Richard開車離開一段距离後,卻停在路旁惋惜,流下了眼淚。

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    Category Photobook Video
    Country No
    Year 2020
    Director Style House
    Cast No
    Language Chinese
    Subtitle Chinese , English
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:10:41
    Resolution 720P
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