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BAD PRINCIPAL 坏校长 Part 2 (Video)

BAD PRINCIPAL 坏校长 Part 2 (Video)

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#Full Nudity, #Full Frontal, #Anal, #Oral, #Uncensored, #Erect, #Dick, #Group Sex

So Bad You Don’t Want to See Him
Naughty boy Ben called up Mr Chan threatening to tell the Education Ministry about their sexual encounter unless if Mr Chan promises to pay him $1,000. Mr Chan pretended to agree to his blackmail and asked Ben to come by his house to collect the money. Confident that he had a noose over Mr Chan’s neck, Ben agreed without much precaution.
Prior to Ben’s arrival, Mr Chan asked Mr Teo to come to his house to wait for Ben. Telling Mr Teo that he arranged for the boy who sabotaged him to meet up and wants him to help him shoot the boy nude so that they can use the photos to blackmail the boy to close case. Under threat and desperate to save himself the agony of investigation, Mr Teo couldn’t say no.
When Ben arrives, Ben was shocked to see Mr Teo opening the door and wanted to leave out of guilt but Mr Teo dragged him in. Mr Teo tied Ben up and dragged him into the showers. Use the host to flush his head and angrily asked Ben what’s was his intention to accused him for molest. Ben could only cry and said sorry.
Mr Teo stripped Ben naked and started raping him,then cream pie Ben. Mid-way, Mr Chan came out and started videoing them in action. Ben and Mr Teo were both too sexually arouse to object and allow Mr Chan to video them their sex act.
While Mr Teo was giving the helpless Ben an oral job, Mr Chan came from behind and fucked Mr Teo. Mr Teo turn to look in disbelieve and in pain but he was simply too turned on by Ben to care about the pain.
After they took turns to blow their load, the animosity between them turned to friendship and they became the school’s despicable trio.
The biggest badass is ultimately Mr Chan the School Principal!

陳校長假裝同意他的勒索,並要求Ben來他家取錢。Ben 確信他有了陳校長的把柄,放鬆戒心,自信就同意去取錢。
在 Ben 到來之前,陳校長讓張老師先到他家等 Ben。並告訴張老師,他安排了他跟陷害他的男孩見面,並要求他配合幫助他拍攝Ben的裸照,以便他們可以利用照片勒索Ben結案。
當 Ben 到達時,Ben 看到張老師打開門感到震驚,出於內疚想要離開,但 張老師把他拖了進去。 張老師把 Ben 綁起來,拖進了淋浴間。
張老師脫光了 Ben 的衣服並開始強姦他, 給阿Ben 內射。中途,陳校長出來並開始拍攝他們的性交動作。Ben和張老師以進入性高潮,都不在乎陳校長在錄製他們的性行為。
張老師只轉過头來看了一眼,難以置信地忍著痛,可因為他對 Ben 太興奮了,根本不在乎肛門的疼痛。

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    Content #Full Nudity, #Full Frontal, #Anal, #Oral, #Uncensored, #Erect, #Dick, #Group Sex
    Category Photobook Video
    Country Other
    Year 2021
    Director No
    Cast No
    Language Chinese
    Subtitle Chinese , English
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:10:45
    Resolution 720P
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